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Advertise with us

Eznis Airways offers a brand new service providing advertising opportunities inside and on the outside of the airline’s aircraft. We present the following advantages to your business:
  • Eznis Airways is the leading Mongolian domestic airline operating regular flights within Mongolia and offering the highest flight frequency. In addition the airline also offers services to Hailar, China. Thus your advertising will be exposed nationwide reaching every corner of the country.
  • The airline’s main customer segment consists of high income earners such as business travelers, expats residing in Mongolia and tourists,
  • For the duration of the flight or for approximately 1-3 hours the passenger is in a secluded environment where there is no other advertising media. This offers your business an opportunity to reach the target audience for a time no other media channel can offer,
  • Eznis Airways constantly focuses on opening new domestic and international routes as well as adding frequencies on the existing routes. With every new route opening or increase in flight frequency  the outreach your advertising campaign will increase significantly.
To view the presentation of our advertising offers please CLICK HERE.
For more information please contact our Marketing division at the following address:

 Tel: 976-75757791
 E-mail: marketing@eznis.com
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