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» Check-in


We recommend you to arrive at the airport as per the following schedule to ensure timely check-in for your flight.
  • Domestic passengers: 1 hour 30 minutes prior to scheduled flight departure time.
  • International passengers: 2 hours prior to scheduled flight departure time.
Dear Passenger please note that our check-in closes 45 minutes before the scheduled departure time for both domestic and international flights. Passengers are not accepted on board after close of the check-in process and your seat assignments will be subject to cancellation.

Travel Documents

Dear Passenger we recommend you to prepare in advance and carry the following documents required for travel at all times.
Domestic travel: Passenger 16 years and over are required to carry their valid ID, passport or copies of aforementioned documents approved by a notary. Passengers under 16 years of age should carry their birth certificate.
International travel: a valid passport and visa are required for travel on international flights.
Please note that the airline reserves the right to deny transportation in case of improper documentation. Documents other than mentioned above such as driving license and social/health insurance documents are not allowed for travel.