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EZ Flyer loyalty program

About ezflyer

Earning a free flight with the ezflyer frequent flyers program is simple and ez. Depending on your chosen fare type after from only 5 one-way flights you will earn a free flight. Just collect boarding passes and tickets of your domestic and international flights flown with Eznis Airways.

How do I earn points?

Collect boarding passes and flight tickets of scheduled flights flown from January 15, 2009. For each realized one-way flight you will be able to collect the following number of points depending on the fare type of your ticket.

Fare type
Q, Senior, Student, Help, Family, Group

Y, Go Now, Go Now F.


How do I spend my points?

With the ezflyer program you can earn   free flights, 50% discount from your next flight to any scheduled   destination of Eznis Airways and more. The redemption period of your   earned points is from January 15, 2009.

Effective March 31, 2012 ezflyer  points required for reward redemption are shown in the below table:   

Required Points
flights from June 1 through Aug 31
flights from Sep 01 through May 31
ezflyer free ticket
50% discount from YN, MN fare  tickets
 Aircraft model

* The points are valid only for one-way tickets. Airport taxes are not included

Fare type
Booking validity
Name Change
Flight change
Baggage allowance
ezflyer free ticket
48 hours
15 kg
Discounted YN, MN ticket
In accordance with the related fare conditions  
In accordance with the related fare conditions

How to apply for a reward?

The rewards shall be offered through the main ticketing office located in Ulaanbaatar. The passenger must present his/her collected boarding passes with their corresponding tickets, valid ID or passport.

With the ezflyer program the rewards can also be issued to an individual other than the actual passenger who collected the points. In this case in addition to the requirement stated above the reward receiver  must be present at our ticketing office in person with a valid ID or passport.

Valid Boarding Passes

Your ezflyer points must be verified by corresponding boarding passes and flight tickets. Boarding passes of different passengers cannot be combined for reward redemption. Only boarding passes issued on the same person can be combined.

Flight tickets must contain Eznis Airways ticketing agents seal. Boarding passes must contain the following information and only in case of complete information your points can be considered valid.

a. Flight number
b. Passenger name
c. Destination
d. Date, time
e. Seat
f.  Fare type
g. Check-in agent stamp
h. Airport security check stamp