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June, 2004
Newcom Group commenced an investment feasibility project in the aviation industry of Mongolia.

January, 2006
The new domestic carrier eznis airways LLC is officially founded.

May, 2006
Received the first of the Saab 340B aircraft.

June, 2006
Received the second of the Saab 340B aircraft.

December, 2006
Operated the first domestic scheduled flight to Choibalsan, on the Ulaanbaatar –Choibalsan-Ulaanbaatar route.
March, 2007
Received distinguished honors from the Mongolian National Chamber of Commerce and Industry as TOP 100 enterprise in Mongolia.

May, 2007
Received the third Saab 340B aircraft.

July, 2007
Crown Prince of Japan, His Excellency Prince Naruhito chose to fly with eznis airways during his official visit to Mongolia.

July, 2007
Started scheduled service to Bayan-Ulgii, becoming the domestic airline with scheduled flights to the most routes within Mongolia and highest frequency to these destinations.

December, 2007
Eznis Airways LLC was chosen as the best investor in the Mongolian Tourism Industry in the year of 2007 by the Mongolian Tourism Industry.

April, 2008
Operated the first ever "Scenic Flight" in the Mongolian air travel market.

April, 2008
In cooperation with other Mongolian airlines, founded the Association of Mongolian Air Carriers.

July, 2008
Launched Radixx computer reservation system becoming the first airline to introduce a computer reservation system in the Mongolian domestic air travel market.
August, 2009
Started first scheduled international service to Hailar in China's Inner Mongolia.
May, 2010
Received the forth Saab 340B plus aircraft.

June, 2010
Started second scheduled international service to Ulan-Ude in Russian Federation's Buryat Republic.

March, 2011
Eznis Airways signs technical services fiver year agreement signed with Lufthansa Technik Switzerland GmbH for the airline's Avro Rj aircraft.

May, 2011
Eznis Airways breaks ground on construction of the state of art hangar building at Chinggis Khaan airport.

May, 2011
Eznis Airways signs a long term strategic partnership agreement with All Nippon Airways of Japan.

June, 2011
Eznis Airways receives its first 93 seat, four jet engine Avro RJ85 aircraft.

July, 2011
Launch of operation of the first scheduled flight on the route Ulaanbaataar – Uvs – Khovd – Ulaanbaatar route with 93 seat Avro RJ 85 jet aircraft.

August, 2011
Launch of scheduled operation to Tsogt-Tsetsii soum of Umnugobi aimag with Avro RJ 85 jet aircraft.

August, 2011
Launch of flight operation to Oyu Tolgoi airport of Umnugobi aimag with Avro RJ aircraft.

September, 2011
Eznis Airways receives its the second Avro RJ85 aircraft.

September, 2011
Eznis Airways' inaugural flight to Bayan-Ulgii with Avro Rj 85 aircraft.
December, 2011
5th anniversary of scheduled flight services of Eznis Airways on December 6, 2011.

May, 2012
Eznis Airways inaugurates new aircraft hangar.

June, 2012
Received the first of the Boeing 737-700 aircraft.

September, 2012
Received the first of the Bombardier Q400 aircraft.


November, 2012
Received the second of the Bombardier Q400 aircraft.

December, 2012
Eznis Airways LLC was became winner of the Grand Prix supplier award of Oyu Tolgoi company.

Febrary, 2013
Eznis Airways signs a long term air charter service agreement with Oyu Tolgoi company.

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