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» Online Booking FAQs - Flying to/in Mongolia

Online Booking FAQs - Flying to/in Mongolia

Q1. Some flights are not displayed for booking. Why is that so?
Only flights with available seats are displayed in the online booking engine. “Flight not available on selected date” notice appears in your selected departure date when the flight has no available seats.

Q2: How do I make payments for my flight online?
You can make payments through our online booking engine using an international VISA, Master card and/or any payment card of Trade and Development Bank of Mongolia (TDBM)

Q3: How do I confirm my booking?
Your booking will be confirmed only after successful payment of your flight. After you have paid for your ticket you can print your flight ticket and/or forward it onto your personal e-mail address.

Q4. What should I do after the payment is made?
If the transaction is successful you will see the total amount of the payment you’ve made in the ‘Total Payments’ section of your ticket. This means that the Eznis website has received confirmation from the bank. After verification of the completion of the payment your e-ticket number will be automatically generated. In addition you will receive a Notification Template from TDBM with the status “Approved, balances available”.

Q5. What if my payment transaction is unsuccessful?
When your transaction is incomplete or unsuccessful our website does not receive the required confirmation from the bank thus we’re unable to confirm your booking. In the case of an unsuccessful transaction TDBM bank will send you a Notification Template to your e-mail with any of the following status: “General”, “Invalid card status”, ”Unable to authorize”, “Insufficient funds”, “Bad Cvv2” and “Not enrolled or element is missing” etc. If you have specified your card information incorrectly please begin the process from the first step.

Q6. Why did the website not generate a confirmation after I paid for the ticket, while my bank account has been debited?
(Payment Errors) This may be caused by the internet. On rare occasions, the information for successful payment is not sent from the bank to our website, so the website cannot confirm that your payment has been made even though your bank account has been debited. In this case, we recommend you to notify us by sending an e-mail to feedback@eznis.com.

Q7. What should I do if I happen to close the bank payment webpage (or in the case of an unexpected power shutdown or internet access problems)?
 If your bank account hasn’t been debited, please begin the process from the first step. If your bank account has been debited, please send us an e-mail at feedback@eznis.com.

Q8: What travel documents are required at the airport flight check-in?
Please do not forget to bring your passport and flight ticket with you at the airport. If you have forgotten or lost your printed flight ticket you will be able to re-print your ticket at the airport upon informing our check-in agent. Please be advised that you will be required to provide your flight destination, time and date, full name correctly to our check-agent.

Q9: How can I make flight changes online?
If you want to change the flight date of your ticket you can do this by visiting our ticketing offices or via the online booking engine. You can change your flight date online by entering your full name and ticket confirmation number in the ‘Modify’ window located on the main online booking page. Please note that you can do flight changes only from the computer you had used in purchasing your ticket online. Unfortunately destination changes cannot be made using the online booking engine. For destination changes of your ticket please visit our ticketing offices. In order to prevent misuse of your ticket we advise you against disclosing your ticket confirmation number to others.

Q10: Can I make ticket refunds online?
Unfortunately ticket refunds cannot be made online. You can refund your ticket at our ticketing offices by coming in person or through a representative. Please note that you are required to bring your identification documents (if requested through a representative also the documents of the representative) when requesting refunds.

Q11: If I have already purchased my ticket online how can I make a reservation for my child online?
If you have already purchased your ticket online you can also make an additional purchase for your child. Please access the online booking engine and click on ‘Add passenger’ button to add your child’s booking to your ticket. By doing this you and your child’s reservation will be written on the same ticket and will have the same confirmation number.

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