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» Travelling with children and infants

Travelling with children and infants

Children under two years are considered as infants. Eznis Airways does not recommend flying with 1 month old or younger infant. For 14 days old or younger newborn babies a doctor’s authorization is required for travel.

Infants must be accompanied by a parent/guardian of at least 18 years of age. Separate seats are not be allocated for an infant. If your infant child is reaching two years of age on the flight date for tickets purchased in advance infant fares can be applied. Please note that passengers traveling with infants are required to carry birth certificates of their children.


Due to limitations on number of infants allowed to travel on board per one flight bookings should be made for infants prior to the flight. Please note that the birth certificate of your child is required at the point of ticket purchase.

Infant Seats

Infants should to be seated on their parent/guardian’s lap during aircraft take-off, landing and in times of turbulence. Infant seat belts provided by Eznis Airways should be used during this time. The infant seat must be secured to the passenger seat with a safety belt. Your personal infant car safety seat can be taken on board if  the following requirements are fulfilled: a) forward facing;  b) approved for use on board; c) within the dimensions of the aircraft seat.


Eznis Airways provides free carriage of baby strollers for passengers traveling with an infants. Baby strollers are carried as checked in baggage. Eznis Airways shall not be held responsible for any damage or loss for strollers were not properly packed and checked in at the airport check-in counter.


Eznis Airways does not provide infant meals or baby milk on board. We recommend you to carry your baby food and milk in your carry-on baggage.